Everyone has been there. It’s a boring day and you want to do something fun. However you do not have enough money to go out to a restaurant or a club. Maybe your bank account is near zero or you are saving up for something special, any way you feel you can’t afford to have fun. However here is the thing, enjoying yourself doesn’t always come with a price tag.

You do not have to stay holed up at home with a movie to enjoy yourself without much expenses. You can go out and have fun without putting a dent on your wallet. Here are a few ideas.

Go on a road trip

This is suitable for the extrovert and the introvert. If you are someone who likes to drive and owns a vehicle, you can always go on a road trip. The most fun road trips are the ones that are spontaneous. Grab a map and choose a random place to go to and just drive. Of course make sure you do some research about the place, or for all we know you could end up in a desolate village inside a dark and frightening jungle.

Road trips can be cheap. if you are willing to eat cheap street food or fast food, or even pop tarts for your meal, you could pay less than 10 usd for the whole thing. You would only have to pay for gas, a few rations such as water and food and that’s it. For this price, you can explore cities you have not been to. You can be mesmerized by beautiful scenery. You could even meet new people and make new friends. It can simply be exciting.

Attend public events

If you are living in the city, chances are there is always something happening. There might be a free exhibition you could visit, a cheap public concert to attend or even a carnival to be mesmerized by. There would always be something happening. Go find out if there is an event being held today and go and attend it.

You could even invite some of your friends to go along with you. Thereby you can enjoy the event together and have fun hanging out.

Explore your city

It doesn’t always have to be a city. You can explore the area you live in. some times when we are living in a rush, we might overlook checking out the place we live in. you might know your street but chances are you wouldn’t have explored the entire area. So choose a route you are not familiar with and explore it. You might be surprised by what you might find. There could have been a fantastic cheap bakery right on the next street and you may have never known about it.

So next time you are low on cash and you want to go out and have some fun, do not feel down. There is always something you can do that shouldn’t cost you much. So go out and have some fun.

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