Who will we be without this earth we live on? Probably non-existent. This earth keeps alive. She provides us with resources that help us live. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the house that keeps us safe; everything was provided by mother earth. However many of us have seemed to forget this. We use up earth’s resources and pollute the environment. We are the reason why earth is slowly becoming a gas oven however not many of us care.

This has to change.

When you are decorating your home. Try to be eco-friendly. Try to use methods that would help improve mother earth. This could be by using paint that doesn’t release toxic gases and switching to buying products from companies that have lower levels of pollution. However these are basic ways of being eco-friendly and do not require much creativity. If you want to take care of the environment and still make your house guests go “Wow!” then look right down below for a few ideas to decorate your home.

Bottle plant holders for external walls

Old plastic bottles could be used as plant holders. You could cut one side of the bottle, put soil in it and plant a few seeds or small plants. You can hang them on exterior walls using twine. Plants would make the appearance of the wall lively.

Window coffee tables

Another thing you can do is convert windows into tables. Depending on the size of the window, you could make a table quite easily. All you need is some additional wood, tools and some skills in woodwork.

Framed drawer book shelves

This is a beautiful way to reuse picture frames and drawer shelves you don’t use anymore. If you have an old cupboard you are planning on scrapping, save the drawers.  See if you can find a frame that fits the wooden drawer. If the inner part of the frame is smaller than the drawer but the outer edges are larger, it is not a problem. To be honest this would be perfect for the book shelf.  Remove the frame from its back casing and keep it aside. You can repaint it you want to. You can then remove the handle of the drawer and attach the frame to the drawer using nails or a wood glue of your choice. Then attach the shelf to the wall and there you go you have a beautiful book shelf you can show off to your guests.

Eco-friendly decorative ideas are not necessarily expensive. You can use things you already own as part of your decoration. So go for eco-friendly ideas. Do not always resort to buying new decorations. This could harm mother earth in the long run.

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